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Single use WordPress / Hosting Support
  • Wordpress-Single-Use-Update

Single use WordPress / Hosting Support


Single-use WordPress update

  • Optimize speed
  • Optimize safety
  • Avoid error messages
  • Pay when you need it


Every business should have a website framework that is secure. The WordPress platform mentioned above is one of the best and most secure website development platforms. The team behind the software continually releases updates to stay on top of threats and vulnerabilities.

In addition most websites use plugins and other modules for additional functionality. These plug-ins are dependent on the installed WordPress version and will perform best if kept up-to-date.


Your website is optimized with responsive web design, this means your website is displayed properly on all devices such as smartphones, tablets and other computers. A poorly designed website with impractical navigation, missing images or even visible errors will have major impact on your potential sales.

This requires all individual parts of the website to function properly and helps to prevent security threats and increase traffic.